Essay On Words Of Wisdom By Chetan Bhagat

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My wife working creates even more pressure for me to remain successful.I would though say that one big reason for me to leave was our kids, as with both of us working and me having this extra-large extra curricular activity, the kids had not time from us.

My wife working creates even more pressure for me to remain successful.

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Forbes India: (We’re trying to go beyond the hoary old 'where do you get your ideas? Forbes India: What's a day in the life of Chetan Bhagat like? Chetan Bhagat: When I was working, days were more typical, but now they are not.

I travel 25 percent of the time, across the country giving talks. I make sure the kids and wife go to school and office on time respectively, along with their lunchboxes.

Forbes India: You speak of doing around 50 talks around the country every year. You keep in touch with your fans via your site and social media.

How the heck do you fit it all in and still get the books done? I have limited myself to four talks a month, or roughly once a week, though mostly I combine a couple of them on one trip.

Hence, I should stop positioning myself as just a funny author. The ‘safety’ was the main reason to stay on, as were the middle class upbringing values that you just don’t quit an MNC bank job.

I think the final point came when I was able to overcome the lure of money.

Chetan Bhagat: It’s all of the above points you mentioned, and yes — luck and randomness are a big part of it.

I think I have a talent to entertain, believe in what I do and I do try my best to care for people.

I worked for a long time internally on letting go of my attachment and identity to the amount of money I made.

When that happened, the bank job seemed even more pointless.


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