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Her role models reveal incremental steps toward assimilation.Granny, who speaks no English, treasures Japanese valuables.Hungering for attention, Jeanne joins the motley array of Cabrillo Homes teenagers and copes well with diversity.

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Ko, the Wakatsuki black sheep, prefers autonomy in a land of promise to diminished status in Japan, where his father fell short of the Samurai status of Ko's grandfather.

Working the American dream to his benefit, Ko garners numerous skills — fishing, farming, denture and furniture making, orchard pruning, and translation.

Japanese Americans, who were released 1,000 at a time from internment camps, crept back into freedom as veritable paupers, whipped in spirit and pocketbook.

Their sons, many of whom returned from the war scarred by the experience or encased in coffins, received no accolades for unusually demanding service.

An integral part of coming of age is rebellion, an attitude which Jeanne shares with brothers Kiyo and Woody and father, Ko.

No less insistent on individuality than the others, Jeanne reaches out to neighborhood children who also live on the periphery of social acceptance — Hispanics who teach her native songs and a lower-class white boy from North Carolina, who kisses as though he means it.Jeanne was raised in the Long Beach area and thought that her heart was American.She had many experiences with life throughout her years in Manzanar and saw many things.As a glimpse of family, the story depicts a universal truth — that children often adopt their parents' idiosyncracies by applying them to new situations.For Jeanne and Woody, the future does not lie in physical emigration from Japan but in spiritual emigration from tradition.When the war ended, Italian Americans and German Americans faced no great loss of home, possessions, income, or reputation.They returned to the mainstream of Caucasian America.This Chaos all began right after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 7, 1941 in relation to this the bombing of Hiroshima in August 6, 1945 ended Word War II.There are many themes that Wakatsuki wants to get across but one of them would have to be," where you're from or your ancestry, is not as important as were you were raised and follow your heart".Against the backdrop of incarceration, separation from father and, later, brothers and sisters, and enrollment in a school where the teacher pointedly ignores her, Jeanne experiences the usual insecurities and challenges that mold young children into sturdy adults.Resilience and self-sufficiency, both major factors in her success, inspire numerous methods of passing time, coping with deprivation, and learning to live in crowded conditions with a severely dysfunctional family.


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