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The popularity of You Tube is closely intertwined with the publishing opportunity offered by the social media because users can publish their videos both documentary and featured ones.

Furthermore, users can leave comments after the video that also contributes to the formation of specific ideas because users may conduct disputes as they leave their comments.

Furthermore, videos published on You Tube may encourage users to publish their video responses that contribute to the further attraction of the users’ attention to the issue that has become the subject of controversy or dispute between users.

What makes You Tube really popular and mainstream social media is its performativity because the audience receive what it wants and expects from the media, the performance, the show and entertainment with the possibility of the further communication and even interaction with other users of You Tube.

For instance, users publishing the video on You Tube may expect the positive feedback from other users.

Seeing how humanity has been edging close and yet even closer to global interconnectivity, it shouldn't be surprising that it has become crucial to global growth.

At this point and time in World History, Social Media is a multifaceted creature born of years of innovation and reinvention.

At the same time, the distinct feature of You Tube is its perfomrability because it is the performativity of videos that attracts users and the more performable a video is the more users will watch it, the more popular it becomes.

Even though You Tube focuses on sharing videos mainly, the social media still opens wide opportunities for users to share their creative ideas and make them performable.

Users may be driven by different concerns, while publishing their videos and sharing information with others.

Some of them may be willing to publishing some interesting facts recorded by them in the real world, while others manifest their creativity with the help of You Tube.


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