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After all, it has Foster Wallace's signature stamp all over it with long rambling sentences and lashings of footnotes.

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I also found comfort in Karr and others’ experiences as survivors of abuse — as it turned out, one of the reasons I was so miserably depressed during the winter of 2010 was that I was in a physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive relationship. The guy abusing me seemed #Me Too has forced nearly all of us to confront the hateful, abusive actions of people whose work we admire.He has " magazine; the resulting essay wasn't exactly what the editor had in mind.You get a lot of lobster: the biology of the lobster, the history of the lobster, even the etymology of the word "lobster".This article on Book Riot covers the basics, but there are many more women sharing about their encounters with Díaz under the #Junot Diaz tag on Twitter.These accusations come on the heels of Junot Díaz writing a truly bracing and self-reflective essay for the New Yorker about his own experience as a sexual assault victim.I think it’s important for us to be capable of holding and acknowledging that troubling contradiction.Mary Karr doesn’t want readers to abandon Wallace’s work — she’s tweeted as much: It’s not productive to try and distance ourselves from the lives and work of every human who has proven capable of evil.This is notably unlike how many people in the literary world responded to other, past accusations of abuse, including very well verified ones like those against David Foster Wallace.That Díaz is a man of color and Wallace was a white, wealthy son of academics is obviously relevant.In the piece, Díaz implies that his own history of abuse (and his repression of it) led, in part, to his inability to form respectful romantic and sexual bonds with women for many years.For the most part, it seems, Díaz’s accusers are being taken seriously.


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