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In the great human drama of who succeeds in life, and who fails, and why, there may well be a place for heroic self-invention, for an individual through unilateral effort to rise above the others; but it appears, overall, that character and thus destiny are to some extent pre-ordained.And the progressive critique of privilege is necessarily invalidated in any case.

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Last year’s Common Application essays had a word limit of 650 words. Before getting started, read some college essay examples.

Colleges will learn about you from your transcript and standardized test scores but those are just numbers. You want to be original and tell your story however, it helps to understand what makes a good essay.

It does not matter which prompt you answer, the topic of the essay is always the same Y-O-U. Reflecting and thinking about who you are, what you love, what is important to you and what you want to do.

The Common Application and also most other college applications require the candidates to write a personal essay.

Indeed, the trappings of privilege would seem to be omnipresent among this cohort.

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But to speak of privilege as causative is to elide the complexity of its genesis as a phenomenon.

Perhaps the most definitive study of equality of opportunity in education, the 1966 Coleman Report demonstrated that the home environment is the primary determinant of educational outcomes.

And yet, the domestic sphere is also the realm of life that is least amenable to the manipulations of enlightened administrators.

For if privilege is traceable to autonomously undertaken hard work, then how can it not be in some sense earned, and therefore deserved?

If, on the other hand, privilege is a kind of accidental inheritance—that is to say, the product of a fundamentally contingent interplay of genes and environmental influences—then a critique of the concept reveals it to be but an index of barely concealed who have appointed themselves the oppressed American’s tribunes will assign to her no sense of guilt or obligation; the proper attitude for such a person, rather, is one of unappeasable entitlement with respect to those who enjoy advantages she does not.


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