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Episodes in the narrative may involve trials, tests, or ordeals in which desire or vision or protagonist is tested.The conclusion of a romance narrative is typically transcendencegetting away from it all or rising above it all.

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It is not at all like the romantic plays of Shakespeare, for example, and it follows few, if any, of the traditions of the French Romantic period.

It is a spark of genius, growing out of French literary tradition, but not tied to any school.

achievement of goal / transcendence In popular use today, "romance" means love or a love story . The narratives or story-lines of most popular movies and novels can be characterized as romances.

but in literary studies romance means a broader, more inclusive type of story or narrative that usually features a hero's or heroine's journey or quest through tests and trials (often involving a villain or antagonist) in order to reach a transcendent goal, whether love, salvation or rescue, or justice (usually revenge).

Because Cyrano is so often referred to as a romantic play, a discussion of romantic and romanticism seems to be in order.

Three aspects of the words romantic and romance should be considered by the student of Cyrano: romance, meaning a medieval, chivalric tale; romantic, as used in English literary criticism; and Romantic, as used in French literary criticism.

The romantic attitude is quite different from the restrained neoclassical attitude.

Reason, order, balance are earmarks of neoclassicism, while a wild, free exuberance is characteristic of romanticism.

In westerns, the cowboy cleans up the town and (maybe with his girl) "rides off into the sunset." Rambo or some other action hero flies off in his helicopter or drives off in his hot car.

Also, "Let's get away from it all." The story may open as though all is well, but action usually begins with a problem of separation. g., a true-love romance), or a need arises to rescue someone (a lost-child story; the protagonist will be a rescuer or "savior"); or characters are separated from some object of desire (as with the search for the Holy Grail or Action often takes the form of a physical journey or adventure; characters may be captured or threatened and rescued.


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