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It does in fact demonstrate that others are willing to address your position, the alternative would be to ignore it or a permanent block on the discussion.Recently we are witnessing the increasingly utilization of words not due to the positive value of the idea or concept a word represents but only because of the varnish or implication it can provide to the context it is used in, this is a result of increasing levels o marketing, publicity and public relations campaigns we now face everyday, appearance is everything.As should be clear the changing of the decision-making process on Wikibooks should be objected to, as it will have a very high degree of impact on users that have joined the project under a different set of rules and expectations, this second to the license used on the Wikibooks project, should be heavily protected and any changes to this policy or the decision-making process will have to be reached by consensus, it is up to you (Wikibookian) to protect your rights and the community expectations.

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I note also the consensus and unanimity aren't contradictory (they aren't the same), there can be unanimity under a consensual decision.

Consensus does not mean 100% expressed or implied agreement on a specific point, but an acceptance to decision without open objections (a 0% expression of opposition to the decision), a vote by majority is defined from a 51% to 99% expression of agreement to a decision and supports active objections up to 1% to the result, more important no compromise is needed to bypass any opposition below 51% to pass (50% is a tie) in the end consensus is inclusive, majority is exclusive to participants.

The problem with the word consensus has been discussed several times before on Wikibooks.

The good aspect of Wikibooks not being a democracy is that it it would turn Wikibooks into a project dominated by the active and powerful, being them an active minority or a voting majority since participation is voluntary, and only a fraction of all registered users are active at a given time, due to this facts, the best procedure for closing decisions should be based on the quality of arguments resulting in no active opposition.

There are many ways to run a decision-making process and consensus has his faults.

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It may be a very time consuming process but the goal is near Utopian, in the end all parties will be satisfied or at least appeased.

Take for example a very common phrase, "consensual sex" can it survive the substitution for a decision by rough consensus?

I think not, since the result to bypassing the objection would be disastrous to the objector.

This method of making decisions and the right of equal participation are the political basis of the Wikibooks project.

Community consensus is an integral part and the core of the decision process on Wikibooks as stated in the Wikibooks: Decision making guideline (there is an unstable version still to be finalized, feel free to participate) and defined there.


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