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The other items had all belonged to Marianne Moore.

This issue of MHN will serve as a catalogue of the exhibition, as a record of part—but necessarily not all—of the books and personal papers exchanged by the two poets.

And libraries holding major collections of Williams's papers participated by mounting exhibitions.

The Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadephia opened an exhibition a few days before the poet's birthday in September.

In the mid-1930s, before Williams had found his champion publisher in James Laughlin at New Directions, she was concerned that his books, published by small presses, were not reaching enough readers, and she took on the task of reviewing Adam £ Eve the City to fan what flames she could.

She never hesitated to contribute statements about his wotlt in various special magazine issues or tributes. What can be seen from an overview of the papers linking Williams and Moore is an enduring concern and a friendship that outweighed every difference between the [page 4] poets.

For both Williams and Moore, the arts of science and poetry were pursued in tandem and resulted in startling American modernist achievement.

William Carlos williams (1883-1963) was born in Rutherford, New Jersey, the son of an English businessman and a Puerto Rican artist.

But there was so much interest in what the exhibition brought to light about the relationship between Williams and Moore that it seemed fitting to translate the labels into an issue of MMN.

It has long been known that Williams and Marianne Moore knew one another for many years.


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