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The use of domestic corporal punishment deteriorates the trust and relationship between a parent and their child.

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53.4% of pediatricians are generally opposed to parents using corporal punishment in the home, but not to an occasional spanking.

31.4% of pediatricians were completely opposed to corporal punishment no matter what the circumstances are.

Children will become afraid of going to school and will associate learning with beatings.

Also, academic achievement is less likely in students who are victims of school corporal punishment.

Research studies have proven that time­outs have been more effective in fixing behavioural issues with children than when a parent uses physical force.

Researchers say that corporal punishments does the opposite of its objective because it leads a child to not obey an adult simply because they can no longer trust them.

Corporal Punishment is a form of physical punishment involving the deliberate infliction of pain for disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer, as retribution for an offense, or to correct any forms of attitude and behaviors that are deemed unacceptable.

There are two forms of Corporal Punishment, domestic and school.

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