Ethical Issues Of Genie Case Study

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The language acquisition question is one of the oldest linguistic debates in the discipline that still has no simple answer.This first Briefing is primarily aimed at educators in science and explains some of the issues surrounding teaching bioethics, however, the topics and subjects covered are also very relevant for anyone interested in ethical issues and science.Each topic is available as a PDF file which can be downloaded.Due to this, Genie’s case is the closest we are ever going to get to a child being brought up in these circumstances.Although there were many mistakes made, within her case the chances something like this happening again are extremely rare.Her care is another issue that people have used to challenge the validity of her study because Genie was constantly moved to and from different people and even moved back to the house where the abuse took place.There was confusion about the funding behind her study which meant she was constantly being moved between specialists who all wanted to learn from her.Linguists, scientists and psychologists have all used Genie as a primary case study in the language acquisition debate since she was taken from an abusive father by child welfare authorities in Los Angeles in 1970 (Dowling 2004: 64) and subsequently the subject of studies into brain and language development.On the surface Genie seems to provide evidence for both nativist and constructivist sides of the debate, but a closer look at her unique case leads us to rethink if she is actually a reliable source to use at all, or if there ever will be someone we could study instead of her.Fortunately there aren’t many cases like Genie, but the results from studying her have coincided with similar studies in the past.Her quick discovery and swift arrest of her father meant that scientists were eager to study her every move.


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