Euthanasia Case Studies Netherlands

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She later added to the declaration that she wanted euthanasia to take place "when I, myself, consider the time ripe".

The Netherlands is one of the five countries that allow doctors to kill patients at their request, and one of two, along with Belgium, that grant the procedure for people with mental illness.

"Without a more restrictive system, like what you have in Oregon, you will naturally see an increase."In 1997, Oregon was the first U.

Euthanasia debates often centre on older, terminally ill patients who wish to end their lives rather than suffering needlessly in their final days.

She said the patient could no longer fathom the meaning of such concepts as euthanasia and dementia.

But Dutch prosecutors argued the patient's written request was unclear and contradictory.Pothoven instead starved herself to death (what in bioethics is sometimes called voluntary stopping of eating and drinking, or VSED) in her family home.It was unclear whether doctors were involved in the process.Many are unaware that in the Netherlands and Belgium This goes some way to explaining the international media frenzy surrounding a 17-year-old girl who committed suicide in the Nertherlands early this month.Noa Pothoven, a teenager from the city of Arnhem, was raped on multiple occasions as a child, and since then had suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, anorexia and depression.Doctors struggled to treat Pothoven’s various disorders, and she was repeatedly hospitalised.Last year, Pothoven approached the Levenseinde ​​Clinic in The Hague -- a Dutch end of life clinic that focuses on “patients whose requests for assisted dying are more complex and often denied by their own physician”.It is the first such case since the legalisation of euthanasia - the intentional ending of a life if suffering becomes overwhelming -so long as it is carried out by a physician adhering to strict conditions.The doctor is alleged to have put a sleeping drug into the elderly woman's coffee in the presence of the patient's relatives.A landmark euthanasia trial has opened in the Netherlands seeking to pinpoint what to do with dementia patients who stated their wish to die under certain circumstances but later might have had second thoughts.The case in The Hague district court centres on a 74-year-old woman who was given fatal doses of drugs three years ago despite some indications she might have changed her mind.


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