Event Coordinator Business Plan

By working from home you are not only potentially saving on your monthly travel outlay but you are probably removing the big city temptations which are so easy to fritter away money on (coffee, cake, and other high street temptations). If your daily rush hour commute was an hour each way this gives you the chance to extend the productivity of your working day by a whole two hours (if you want to) in the blink of an eye!

Set up a specific workspace which can be your dedicated work area.

Or you may have decided that you want to be your own boss and are simply itching to go it alone?

Are you worried that you will struggle or that it will be too big a leap?

I actually found the opposite in terms of discipline – it is actually hard to switch off and working from home can fudge your work-life balance as the lines are blurred between the two.

Whether you struggle to focus or struggle to switch off though discipline has to be key!

If you are working for yourself it means that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid!

It is up to you but no one else is going to pay your salary for you.

Starting from home gives a new business the best possible start during those important early months.

Commuting to work every day can be time-consuming and stressful in terms of both time and travel expenses, and is a part of the day that fills many with dread.


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