Facility Management Business Plan

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The answers to some pertinent additional questions can lead to more robust programs: These questions foster operating principles that define the value of work; the roles of management, supervision, and the workforce; the applications for technology; and the sources of waste and means of extracting it from the operation.The investment needed to develop and install the quality systems, train the maintenance workforce, and teach management how to measure the results is substantial: It requires a clearly articulated commitment and business case to develop Lean, green operations and maintenance as a core business practice.

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The traditional view of the facilities function is to fix things that break, keep things from breaking, keep things looking good, and do whatever it takes.

These statements are clean and concise, but confine facility management to a reactive role.

The primary responsibility of the facilities manager is to mesh the continual interaction and evolution among processes, people, and information.

In the Lean environment, rigid skills are rarely paired with hard and fast needs; workers can no longer hide behind what the boss told them to do.

The client's objectives (set forth in the service-level agreements) determine the skills, staffing, resources, and support required for demand and productive maintenance at given response levels.

If the maintenance mission is highly focused on proactive maintenance activities, then the customer must cooperate with facilities' objectives, priorities, and processes.

The foundation of facilities strategy is information about day-to-day operations and maintenance activities, the systems and procedures used to conduct them, and the service scopes and processes that define facility boundaries and commitments.

Now, as never before, senior executives and facilities managers can speak the same language - Lean language!

Define the work requirements and the processes and standards for meeting them.2.

Direct the resources to perform work to standards.3.


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