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In addition, a lunar month is around two days shorter than a solar month.As such, in order to "catch up" with the solar calendar, an extra month is inserted every few years.

In addition, a lunar month is around two days shorter than a solar month.

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Chinese New Year used to last 15 days until the Lantern Festival on the year's first full moon.

Now, it is a national holiday in the Republic and People's Republic of China, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. In some places, only the first day or three days are celebrated.

The Japanese New Year used to work the same way but has been very different since some changes in the 19th century.

Losar and Tsagaan Sar, the traditional Tibetan and Mongolian new years, are very close to the Chinese New Year but different ways of thinking about the moon's changes and adding months can make them happen weeks apart from the Chinese festival. Because the traditional Chinese calendar is mostly based on the changes in the moon, the Chinese New Year is also known in English as the "Lunar New Year" or "Chinese Lunar New Year".

Its 7th day used to be used instead of birthdays to count people's ages in China.

The holiday is still used to tell people which "animal" of the Chinese zodiac they are part of.A year between two Chinese New Years without it is thought to be unlucky for marriages.Chinese New Year always starts on a new moon, when the Moon is between the Earth and Sun and it looks all dark in the night sky.The holiday is a time for gifts to children and for family gatherings with large meals, just like Christmas in Europe and in other Christian areas.Unlike Christmas, the children usually get gifts of cash in red envelopes (hongbao) and not toys or clothes.This name comes from "Luna", an old Latin name for the moon.The Indonesian name for the holiday is Imlek, which comes from the Hokkien word for the old Chinese calendar and is therefore also like saying "Lunar New Year"of spring.Because of this, Chinese New Year is never on January20.The Chinese New Year is of the most important holidays for Chinese people all over the world.People often visit relatives and friends, do some shopping, watch traditional Chinese New Year events, launch fireworks, and plan for the coming year.The celebration is sometimes accentuated with a religious ceremony given in honor of heaven, earth, the family's ancestors and other gods.


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