Five Paragraph Essay On The American Dream

This quote attests that achieving American dream requires hard work and perseverance.

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Therefore, people can contribute to the society as well as developing themselves.

The progress of citizens is pegged on their protection hence through their rights. On the contrary, some people believe that American dream is unattainable and do not believe that it is good life or happiness as they languish in poverty, oppression, and discrimination regarding race, color, religion and gender among others.

Envisioning an America whose children could all sing with new and true meaning the proud claim “sweet land of liberty” in its namesake hymn, he brought his speech to its unforgettable crescendo with his refrain: “I have a dream”—a dream not apart from or against, but rather America—“a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.” Fifty years later, King’s signature speech and his overall career of eloquent activism must be judged an enormous success.

The “Dream” speech itself is commonly regarded as a treasure in our rhetorical heritage, unrivalled among 20th-century American speeches.[1] Likewise, King himself, in his own day a controversial “extremist”[2] for justice, has become for us an icon of mainstream America, revered across partisan and ideological boundaries and honored by a national holiday and a monument in the nation’s capital not far from Lincoln’s own.

For example, most people have been successful in America due to their educational achievement, business achievement.

However, achieving the American dream is not a walk in the park since it requires hard work, determination, and passion.

Still more generally, the civil rights movement as a whole has acquired a virtually unchallengeable moral authority as 20th-century America’s glorious revolution, a worthy successor to the original American Revolution and a model for further reform movements.

It is important that we remember and all too easy for us to forget this common ground of admiration for King and his ennobling cause as we work our way through the racially fraught controversies that recur in our political life.

Yet it is also important that we reflect more deeply on our divisions—our persisting, seemingly ever-renewable divisions—on matters involving race.

We are divided on race, and we are also divided on King.


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