Five Steps To Problem Solving

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Taking into account the specific nature of physics, we choose to label and interpret the five steps of the general problem solving strategy as follows: Consider each step as a translation of the previous step into a slightly different language.You begin with the full complexity of real objects interacting in the real world and through a series of steps arrive at a simple and precise mathematical expression.

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In your personal and professional life, however, you will encounter new and complex problems.

The skillful problem solver is able to invent good solutions for these new problem situations.

Planning results in an outline of the logical steps required to obtain a solution.

In many cases the logical steps are conveniently expressed as mathematics.

These formal concepts and principles enable you to simplify a complex problem to its essential parts, making the search for a solution easier.

Third, you must use your representation of the problem to plan a solution .

In this step it is also important to draw a picture of the problem situation.

A picture is worth a thousand words if, of course, it is the right picture.

But how does the skillful problem solver create a solution to a new problem?

And how do you learn to be a more skillful problem solver?


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