Frankenstein Prometheus Essay

… analysing the myth of Prometheus, I discovered … approximately 25 authors who wrote about the myth between 8th Century BC and 4th century BC alone, … hard to distinguish the true story, as all of these authors may have altered the myth in some way.… earliest author of whom there is evidence of was Hesiod, and in his epic poem, Theogony, the Prometheus myth … This was written in the late 8th Century BC.

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In the stories Prometheus and Frankenstein the protagonists both tried to play God in their own way.

Corresponding to this, Prometheus was one of the cleverest and brightest minds in the heavens.

Even though he was less powerful, Prometheus was able to outwit Zeus on many occasions and proved that he had great knowledge and insight.

Prometheus … help man in a number of other ways for which he was punished for.

… punishments was Zeus’ creation of the first woman, Pandora whom he gave her as a bride to Prometheus’ brother, Epimetheus, … box which Zeus instructed Epimetheus never to open.


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