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Abortion and euthanasia are the most controversial topics faced by the world today, people hold different views about them some are in favour whilst some are against it.

It is a mistake to say that Humanist are in favour of abortion; no one can be in favour of abortion, which, except in unforeseen circumstances, is result of failed contraception.

We think there will probably always be a certain number unplanned pregnancies and that the mother concerned should have the complete choice of either complete abortion, or keeping the baby." If a man's family is starving and there is an unattended lorry filled with food outside his house should he steal from the lorry to feed his family, but in doing this break a commandment.

Sally Collier, chief regulator at England's exams watchdog, said: "If a student receives a grade 7 today, they could have expected to have received a grade A last year.

And if they get a grade 4, they could have expected to get a grade C in 2016.”Employers and further education providers that currently accept a C will be expected to recognise a grade 4 in the same way.1 - This roughly equates to a high G or low F.

The groups in favour of abortion are mostly humanitarian groups the have their own point of view, according to National Abortion Campaign: "The decision to terminate pregnancy is so important that it can only be made by the person most involved- the women.

Women must always have a choice and never have the decision forced upon them.But it will be extremely hard for pupils to gain straight 9s, which are a step above A*s. Dr Tim Leunig, chief scientific adviser and chief analyst at the Department for Education (Df E), predicts that only two students in the entire country will get 9s across the board.Earlier this year, he tweeted: “2 is my guess – not a formal Df E prediction.Traditional A*-G grades have been replaced in three subjects by a numerical system that scores children on a scale from 1-9.GCSE results day 2017 saw students pick up numbered results in maths, English language and English literature only.Life Campaign activist believe that: "Since human life begin at conception i.e.fertilisation, and since all human life should be equally protected by the law from conception to natural death, whether or not human being concerned is wanted or handicapped it follows that destruction of unborn life is always wrong." According to Life Campaign after conception foetus is a living thing and its right to live should not be taken away.New grades will be rolled out for other GCSE subjects over the next two years, starting with science in 2018.The reformed assessments promise to be more demanding with less reliance on coursework.Here is a breakdown of what each numbered grade means.Education chiefs have promised that the new system will remain largely in step with the familiar A*-G boundaries.


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