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A grade 7 is broadly equivalent to an A under the old system, while a 4 is broadly equivalent to a C.The new courses feature much less coursework than the old GCSE qualifications, and modular courses - which saw pupils sit papers throughout their studies - have been scrapped in favour of "linear" GCSEs in which pupils take all of their exams at the end of the two-year course.Under the new system, traditional A* to G grades will gradually be replaced with a 9 to 1 system, with 9 being the highest mark.

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• Most pupils are assessed by a final exam(s) at the end of two years rather than more frequent assessments over their course.

• Grades will change from A*-G and be replaced with Grades 1-9.

Assessment takes place at the end of the course and includes written, oral, coursework and practical assessment. The subjects which can be studied are the same as for GCSE but also include many foreign languages.

The main difference is that the IGCSE still includes some elements of the old GCSE: coursework, oral and practical assessment as well as exams.

As a parent, it is probably unlikely that you will be able to choose which exam your child is entered for.

If the school offers both, then discuss your child’s needs.For example, at foundation level a Grade C may be the maximum.The GCSE course is usually two years but some schools will allow more able pupils to complete it in one year, or take the exams a year earlier.From summer 2018, sciences, history, geography and some modern languages will be tested under the new grading system.Others such as art, music and drama will also be given grades for the first time next year.Hundreds of thousands of teenagers took GCSEs and A-levels this year and between them they sat millions of exams.The Times has compiled tables of results from more than 500 schools and colleges.If your child achieves higher marks with coursework and performs badly under exam conditions, then the IGCSE is an option.But be aware that some universities have their own preferences.Although some exam boards will still offer modular GCSE courses, from 2015 only linear courses will be accepted as qualifications in England.So, to sum all of that up: • Recent changes to the current GCSE exams mean that coursework is reduced to the absolute minimum.


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