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Evolution is an astonishing problem solving machine.It took a soup of primordial organic molecules, and produced from it a complex interrelating web of live beings with an enormous diversity of genetic information.

Evolution is an astonishing problem solving machine.It took a soup of primordial organic molecules, and produced from it a complex interrelating web of live beings with an enormous diversity of genetic information.In nature, individuals best suited to competition for scanty resources survive.

Guided random search techniques are based on enumerative techniques but use additional information to guide the search.

Two major subclasses are simulated annealing and evolutionary algorithms.

The algorithm behind evolution solves the problem of producing species able to thrive in a particular environment [63].

Genetic algorithms, first proposed by Holland in 1975 [64], are a class of computational models that mimic natural evolution to solve problems in a wide variety of domains [65].

This is simply the notion of "hill climbing", which finds the best local point by climbing the steepest permissible gradient.

These techniques can be used only on a restricted set of "well behaved" functions.Although evolution manifests itself as changes in the species' features, it is in the species' genetical material that those changes are controlled and stored.Specifically evolution's driving force is the combination of natural selection and the change and recombination of genetic material that occurs during reproduction [17].These assumptions leave out only the guided random search techniques.Their use of additional information to guide the search reduces the search space to manageable sizes.Placement optimization has a strong non-linear behaviour and is too complex for these methods.The set of possible layouts for a circuit can be enormous, which rules out the enumerative techniques.Even though agent objects use knowledge to reduce search time, a great deal of searching is still necessary.A good proportion of this search time will be spent optimizing the components' placement in the layout.Enough information to specify every characteristic of every species that now inhabits the planet.The force working for evolution is an algorithm, a set of instructions that is repeated to solve a problem.


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