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There are certain types of people that go out of their way to keep others happy. While in this unique period of time, it can seem quite uncommon to see someone try to make a difference in their community.Most adolescents are much too absorbed in video games, cell phones, or other technology that comes into their lives to look at the bigger picture around them.

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The writer illustrates Erika’s qualities by describing her specific actions.

The applicant concludes by articulating exactly what she admires most about Erika and showing how her life has changed as a result of knowing her.

These mentors possess the qualities that society strives to perfect.

The role models have an outlook that fills the role an individual is trying to aspire so that the same individual looks up to their “mentor.” Each role model teaches a person about themselves.

Role models have a certain behavior that is unique to others.

That behavior is usually imitated by other pupils, usually younger children.

This applicant offers a meaningful portrait of his father in just 300 words.

Unlike the previous applicant, he chooses to name the qualities that he admires right from the outset, but he then goes on to justify them with concrete examples.

You might be surprised at how much your answer to this question can say about you.

The role model you choose is not nearly as important as your description of that person and the way you relate this back to yourself.


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