Guns Germs And Steel Thesis Essay

Eurasia had the same climate overits long east-west axis whereas the Americas and Africa had a huge variation andthus could not grow those kinds of plants.

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The first part, “from Eden to Cajamarca,” sketches developments on all the continents before 11000 BC.

Inthe second part, the author gives approximate dates on the early production offood and explains why certain peoples developed food production whereas othersdid not.

More food available meant, and still does, morepeople.

More people to feed requires better technology and also soldiers toguard, politicians to make laws, priests to have as spiritual leaders and so on.

Reading this was actually a different experience, because it covers and explainsin a nutshell how, when and why we are here today.

In Guns, Germs, And Steel, author Jared Diamond uses environmental and geographical determinism to explain why some of the world's people have advanced so much more than the rest of the world's peoples.

On theother hand though, the author sees the fundamental causes as environmental,resting ultimately on ecological differences between the continents and as hewell puts it on page 25: “Authors are regularly asked by journalists tosummarize a long book in one sentence.

For this book, here is such a sentence: History followed different courses for different peoples because ofdifferences among peoples environments, not because of biological differenceamong peoples themselves.” The complex and integrated argument unfolds in fourparts, strategically constructed by questions: why have different continents andregions developed so differently like the Maori killing the Moriori, and why did Pizzaro capture Inca emperor Atahuallpa.

The author in this particular section gives modern examples of modernanimal breeders that were not able to domesticate some wild large mammals of Africa and justifies why ancient Africans and other peoples could notdomesticate them either.

Then, he continues on to demonstrate that when largeanimals such as horses became available to some of those peoples, such as the Native Americans, they adopted them and made use of them.


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