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According to Patterson et al (2007), identification and relative importance of risk factors are best addressed through longitudinal cohort studies and through methods such as careful deliberation of these series of studies risk factors are identified as either immutable (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity) or potentially modifiable.Since immutable risk factors can no longer be changed this article deals with potentially modifiable risk factors to give emphasis on the things that can be done to prevent further damage.

To see how our services can help you with your own studies, take a look at our academic services portfolio.He is able to create more social ties with people who identify with the same team and most likely live in the same area or attend the same school.This establishment of social connections eventually leads to a bigger social circle where one can get psychological support when needed and has people to spend time with instead of being an island.Patterson et al (2007) cited the following risk factors discussed in this article that predisposes a person to Alzheimer’s disease.General Risk Factors Though elevated blood pressure level is associated with various cardiovascular and neurologic diseases a series of studies were made to tie the relevance of BP changes and its role in the development of dementing diseases.Studies such as the Canadian Study of Health and Aging (CSHA) and Kungsholmen Study in Sweden and others concluded that diabetes increased the risk of ACD and AD, although the increased risks did not reach statistical significance, this is fair evidence of the presence of the risk of ACD a (“Short Paper Article Summary.Health Psychology Essay”, n.d.) Short Paper Article Summary. Retrieved from Running head: ARTICLE REVIEW FOR HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY Article Review for Health Psychology ARTICLE REVIEW FOR HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY 2 Article Review for Health Psychology This study, published in the Journal of Health Psychology deals with the stories people tell after a serious heart attack about their illness and healing. Medved and Jens Brockmeier did an extensive literature review that showed gender differences in the performance of gendered roles and identities.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Critically assess the contribution of the behaviourist, psychoanalytic, family systems and cognitive models to the understanding of developmental processes (with a focus on attachment, initiative, and control) which are involved in major depression and anorexia nervosa. Since modifiable risk factors have the highest chance of being corrected, focus on these risk factors should be given greater importance. Can smoking increase the chances of having the condition? Though the cause of AD is not known and there is no proven way to prevent it, understanding the risk factors would somehow give a view of the chances and probability of getting Alzheimer’s and the preventive notion that comes with it.


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