Hills Like White Elephants Essay Questions

This short story is filled with symbolism, some of which the reader may not even discover.

In the beginning of the story the reader is lunge into the lives of two Later though, the girl pulls back the comment, giving a delicate hint to American that perhaps she wants to keep the baby after all - a hint the American misses.

Another possible interpretation of the Absinthe relates to its appeal and effects.

Like the man and woman's relationship, it is alluring at first, but "It becomes a destroyer of the child, who is aborted; a destroyer of the girl, who endures the physical and emotional pain of aborting the child she wants; and a destroyer of the couple's relationship".

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In correlation with the drink "absinthe" as mentioned above, there is believed to be a contrast of joy and sorrow between the black licorice of the alcoholic drink and the whiteness of the hills.

This can also be contrasted with the comparison between the white hills and the dry, brown countryside that represents the same joy and sorrow as the former. It is then understood that the use of the term "white elephants" may in fact be a reference to the White elephant sale. " The reader must interpret their dialogue and body language to infer their backgrounds and their attitudes with respect to the situation at hand, and their attitudes toward one another.

It is important to note that this interpretation assumes the couple have the abortion and end their relationship, as well as that the young woman wants to continue the pregnancy; none of these are certain, due to the ambiguity of the story.

The title "Hills Like White Elephants" is a symbol within Hemingway's short story that requires analysis to depict its meaning and relevance to the story as well.


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