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One day at school, towards the end of the school year I finally started standing up for myself.The bully was making fun of me and then started calling me names.We traveled from Florida to Washington in about five days.

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They were chosen using convenience sampling and were split randomly into two independent groups.

Participants had 30 seconds to memorise a list of words, either using maintenance rehearsal or narrative chaining to do so and then they were asked to write down as many words as possible after 2 minutes.

Materials: A stopwatch was used to time participants (a 30 second time period for memorising and a 2 minute time period before recalling), a pen to take down data, paper to write the data on, as well as word lists, consent papers and a standardised research investigation script.

The data and consent papers can be found in the appendix. Participants are split into 2 groups randomly, with 2 participants in the control group and 2 participants in the experimental group (an independent-groups design was used because there are no order effects to control) 2.

On top of all that I had to make most likely the biggest decision of my life.

Me, an eight year old had to decide between his father or his mother.Abstract: The aim of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of narrative chaining on memory.A total of 59 participants aged 10-69 years old took part in this experiment.Levertov’s poetry was written within a historical context of the period of time in which the Vietnam War was being fought.She not only writes about the history but in addition her own individual context is evident as she reflects upon her own personal memories from within that particular period of her life through writing in Organic Form.The participants are read standardised instructions and procedures to avoid ambiguities or variations, to minimise potential extraneous variables that would make the task inconsistent or different for different participants. After the participants have understood the instructions, the first participant in the control group is shown word List A (Appendix) for a period of 30 seconds 4.Memories are a way of recalling ones personal experiences.The historical aspects of the vines representing the jungles of Vietnam placing their grasp on the invading Americans entwined by Levertov’s personal memory, the vines symbolic of love strings as she reached out to a lover.She then uses personal language “you ran past them”, symbolic of her love being rejected while having literary emphasising the Americans fleeing in the final withdrawal of the troops.So now I have lost my mom, moved across the states and am being bullied in school. I cried myself to sleep every night because I was miserable and lonely.I was eight and had no friends in this hostile environment that I found myself in.


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