How Do I Write A Research Paper

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Incorporate the new idea in the next sentence or wherever appropriate.

This scheme includes the following items: an introduction, which defines the concept of the problem, methodology, literature review; the main body, where background of the study, presentation and analysis of data are highlighted and here sub-themes and their analysis are also disclosed; conclusion, which summed up the above information, forming a concrete conclusion both general and of your point of view.

Given the volume of information that is available to us today, research and data classification/clarification is now urgently needed to keep the body of knowledge that our culture has accumulated from getting out of control.

It may accompany each piece of text (if it’s of big size) or be general (if the paper is small). It has to be clear and including the problem, opinion and reasoning.

Do not be restrained to use your ideas and make a good thesis statement.


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