How To Write A Business Case Study Paper

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Business case studies are often created by the marketing team and given to the sales team.

Sales can then use the case study to get a meeting with potential customers, or prospects.

And, once you’ve got those basics down, (or if you already do!

) we’ve got you covered for the next step – how to write a GOOD case study, and how to maximize it to increase sales.

We've got lots of examples throughout this article to make you a case study expert!

If you’re ready to learn more about case studies, chances are you have some involvement in B2B marketing – meaning your company sells a product or service to other businesses.We'll start at the beginning, what a case study is and how it works, but feel free to jump ahead to another section.So unless you're ready for something more specific, let's look at the case study basics!A simple Google search of “case studies” will quickly show the truth: case studies mean different things to different industries.While they are also used in the scientific world, the process and and reason why they are used is completely different in the business world.Case studies can also use them during the meeting to close the sale.A lot of B2B marketers tend to focus on product specifications and other statistics.A case study is a written account of a real customer's experience with your business.They describe the customer’s success thanks to your product or service.The methods of business case studies are similar to scientific case studies, but instead of trying to cure diseases, B2B marketers are trying to make their offerings more compelling to potential customers.Simply put, a case study is a way to prove your product or service works, with factual evidence from your current customers.


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