How To Write Your Name In Graffiti On Paper

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A cartoon figure (usually, but not necessarily) taken from comic books, TV or popular culture to add humor or emphasis to a piece.

In some pieces, the character takes the place of a letter in the word.

Many people can be “up”, but only a select few could be considered “all city”.

Can also refer to a crew instead of just one writer. Backgrounds were used to make the piece stand out from all the tags and assorted scribbling on a subway car that make the piece hard to discern; the color or design painted behind the piece to make it stand out from the wall or train.

The terms of losing and winning are usually negotiated by the crews involved and can be payment in paint, pot, a sock in the jaw, the losing crew has to stop writing their name, etc., etc.

Big, square letters, often tilted back and forth and in (usually) two colors.and a new one: translated by Takuya Hiramoto Slapped together by Chad with help from Schmoo.Thanks to Raske L & Celtic (for info on homemades and Griffin shoe dye), Eros (for old-skool NYC/subway info) and Subway Art by Henry Chalfant for basic info and references.This is done when two writers or two crews have some sort of disagreement.The battle can take two forms: skills battle or getting up – essentially quality vs. A skills battle is when two writers piece a wall within a certain time period (usually a day or a few hours) and whoever does the best piece is the winner.A type of grease pencil used by artists to mark up contact sheets of photos or the photos themselves for cropping.They come in red and blue, and were adopted by writers for tagging because of the grease base.China markers are not very big, only as big as a crayon, but will write on almost anything.A loosely organized group of writers who also tag the crew initials along with their name.Interchangable spray-can nozzles fitted to the can to vary the width of spray.These are usually racked off of commercial products, such as K-Mart’s Bug and Tar, various cleaning products or starches.


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