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Strategic human recourse management (SHRM) on the other hand, is the idea that human resource management can be used to gain or enhance a competitive business advantage (Kornides, J.

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Models of HRM There are numerous models of HRM that organisations can adopt, I’ve chosen two to analyse, one Hard and one Soft: - • Fombrun et al ‘Matching Model’ – The strategic fit, or Hard HRM – Appendix No.

2 • Beer et al ‘Harvard Framework’ model – Soft HRM These HR models provide an analytical framework for studying HRM, legitimate certain HR practices, establish variables and relationships to be researched and explain the Armstrong ( 2010) defined Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) as “an approach to making decisions on the intentions and plans of the organisation in the shape of the policies, programmes and practices concerning the employment relationship, resourcing, learning and development, performance management , rewards and employee relationships,” ( p. There is a paradigm shift from a functional role to a tactical one through the in usually commissioning ways.

It is proven by a longitudinal study of 1775 Dutch workers that as the age increases, intrinsic values related to work (such as non-material aspects, work that allows self-expression, variety, and autonomoy) will also increases, while extrinsic values (such as material aspects of work including salary and promotion) are more likely to decrease (Murray & Syed, 2005).

Thus, various HR policies and practices are needed based on the age-group.

An assumption by Griffiths (1999) is that both younger and older worker has the same perceptions regarding their work life.

However, this statement is argued by Mountford (2013) who stated that having different job designs or rewards are essential to retain the older worker (who has more experience, productivity, and loyalty), and also be competitive for the young worker (who is believed to have more creativity and higher skill).The purpose of this assignment is about what the Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is and why SHRM is so important?How is human resource management (HRM) strategic to a firm's viability and how it might help to lay a basis for sustained competitive advantage?However, most of today's organizations perceive employee as their "resource" (Blodget, 2013).While in fact, the employees are people, vital assets in the organization who need their very human needs provided by the organization itself (Nankervis & Ananthram, 2013).43.0 Achieving Competitive Edge 43.1 The best - fit school of SHRM 53.2 Resource-based view of the firm (RBV) 63.3 Best - Practice SHRM: high certain aspects in which they differ.In conclusion, the organization can now have proof as to why these models are similar. New Strategic Role for HR: Leading the employer branding process, Organization and Management Journal, 13:4, 182-192. This article provides guidance about developing Human Resource executive are often confronted with many obstacles in the process of doing their job.This severely implicates the usefulness of a best practice model.Contingency perspective For the contingency perspective otherwise known as best fit HRM, there are no universal prescriptions of HR policies and practices.Most of the organizations, such as IBM are having diverse employees in order to be globally innovative to suffer in the global market place.Identifying external and internal environment such as generation differences (Mountford, 2013), women in the workplace (Metz, 2011), and also the strategy of the organization itself (Boxall & Macky, 2007), will help HR manager to identify the most effective operational structure in providing the necessary support (Brown, Metz, Cregan, & Kulik, 2009).


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