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In general, I would not recommend anyone get an MFA unless you get funding. She runs Writing Workshops Los Angeles, check out the offerings here. My main advice to you, should you decide to get an MFA: Don’t spend money (or, not a lot) to get it. Anyone who makes the argument that MFA students are rich, or going deeply into debt to talk about short stories, don’t know anything about how these programs work.”.

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Why can’t it teach writers about history and the world, and not just about adverbs and themselves?

Here’s a sample: “Why can’t the programme be better than it is?

Officially, no: “Frankly, I don’t push MFAs on people at all.” She’s pro life experience. From her site:“After I graduated from NYU, I decided not to pursue an MFA in creative writing. The ones that pay you are rare and beautiful, like unicorns.” For more of her M.

Try an advanced degree in the school of life, working on ranches and learning how to rope a steer and all that kind of stuff. The ones that make you pay are dead to me and I do not understand how they continue to exist and multiply. Stanley Elkin: Your favorite writer’s favorite writer, the author of such wicked, crucial work like .

(And to think I thought I'd never go to grad school...

oh, how things change over four years.) So what are you guys' takes on MFA programs in Creative Writing?It’s one that we should be having, considering the explosion of the MFA in the past 40 years: from a mere 79 programs in 1979 to 854 today, according to Harbach. and others, Flavorwire office crush, wildly successful before 25. The MFA may even be having its moment — after all, the last shot of . In an interview with the Iowa Writers’ Workshop director Lan Samantha Chang, Sittenfeld weighed in, noncommittally: “When I was teaching at the Writers’ Workshop last fall, I talked to my students about that particular essay. I’m not sure I agree with its overall argument, but it is something that is popular for people to say, that there are too many MFA programs.”Blake Butler: Editor of HTML Giant, writer of many things, including the novel “A lot of people rarely seemed to do their work. As well, I have known a lot of people in grad school and no one seems very happy about it.”Lorin Stein: Editor of , former editor for Farrar, Straus, and Giroux. I used to post on this board a WHOLE LOT when I was applying to Undergrad programs as a terrified senior in high school.Now I'm almost a terrified senior at the University of Chicago ready to begin my search for the best MFA program for me. But I guess what I’m saying, mostly to myself, but also to you and to anyone else who might be struggling with this, is that you don’t need a book deal for your commitment to your writing to be valid, you do not need a grant or a residency or an MFA. These are not your ideal readers — they are the readers you happen to have. What is needed is the vision to go with it, and you do not get this from a writing class.”Jia Tolentino: Former editor for The Hairpin, MFA graduate from Michigan, great freelancer. But she has good techniques on how to get the most out of your MFA., among others. Instead, I created my own post-graduate writing program, which entailed several years spent traveling around the country and world, taking jobs at bars and restaurants and ranches, listening to how people spoke, collecting experiences and writing constantly.”It’s true of families, and equally true of workshops: You meet people there you’d never meet otherwise, much less show your work to, and you listen to them talk about your story or your novel. She went hard against writing that came out of the Academy: “We want competence, but competence by itself is deadly. I had been writing and chopping away at stuff, at this story or that. We have our own — and I don’t mean to speak for everyone — somewhat eclectic or eccentric lives. We don’t think of ourselves as representing anything at all.”. But you should take some time to write and find your style, not William Faukner’s style: “The remarkable thing, remarkable for me anyway, was that I discovered that I could write only after I passed my prelims. Yes, she is a professor and the director of the most prestigious MFA program in the country. We feel like we’re nurturing young writers, and we’re thrilled by signs of promise.


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