Innocence Experience Essay

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However, by having his head shaved, Tom’s innocence is symbolically stolen.Tom has no reason to be scared of his innocence being tainted because it is almost lost.

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He too has the chance to regain his innocence as long as he tries to be good while on Earth.The first line describes a “black thing in snow” (1).The experience and misery of the child is a stark contrast with the purity and whiteness of the snow.Blake shows a progression from ignorance to understanding, or rather innocence to experience., the narrator spends a lot of his time discussing the situation of his friend Tom Dacre.When he is first mentioned, the narrator is comforting Tom because his head is shaved.These coffins are the chimneys in which they are all condemned to die.In Tom’s dream, they do indeed die in the chimneys, but in their deaths they are set free.The poem immediately begins with the narrator describing his unfortunate situation of being a child laborer. In “The Chimney Sweeper” in , the narrator also cries out “’weep,” (2) but this time it is not unintentional.Losing one’s mother and being sold by one’s father is sure to cause a loss of innocence. The narrator fully comprehends the tragedy of his situation.The narrator of “The Chimney Sweeper” in lives a terrible life that could result in his death at any time. His father sold him as a chimney sweeper, making him little more than a slave.Yet this boy still manages the type of optimism only a child can muster and comforts his friend Tom Dacre when his head is shaved.


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