Internet Is Harmful Essay

It is amazing how many students believe that Wikipedia is the ideal go-to resource for any academic question, when in fact the famous online encyclopaedia is quite openly compiled by any anonymous member of the public who chooses to post there and is in no way guaranteed to include only accurate information submitted by academic experts of any kind!

The potential for students to become waylaid by false information and misleading statistics is enormous!

Besides research information there also is daily local and world news information, and also weather.

Young children also benefit from the Internet because there are so many websites geared to learning for them.

Today the internet is part of our daily life and we must learn to ovoid the negatives so we can enjoy the positives to their full extent.

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This suggests that the birth of the internet has not only enabled a new form of cheating, but also created a shift in moral perceptions of what is considered right and wrong in education.

Many students now growing up with the internet are so used to being able to access answers at the click of a mouse that they forget not all information on the internet is reliable or completely accurate.

From online dictionaries and encyclopaedias to Wikipedia, an abundance of information on every conceivable subject under the sun is now available to students at the touch of a button.

The potential for exploiting these resources to learn is enormous and students are now able to study, discover and learn no matter where they are.


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