Is There A Website That Solves Math Problems

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An example I’ve tried is: y = (x-3)/(4x 2) I haven’t been able to get any of the “show steps” to work for derivatives.

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When trying to find the roots of 3, Wolfram|Alpha can break down the steps for you if you click the “Show steps” button in the Result pod.

As you can see, Wolfram|Alpha can find the roots of quadratic equations.

Why is there no ‘show steps’ button for normal calculations (not involving variables) such as 4 / 2^(3/2) ?

For lower-level mathematicians like me, who don’t understand the steps going from 4 / 2^(3/2) to sqrt(2) this is very difficult to find out.

Visit the Wolfram|Alpha Homework Day Gallery for examples of how you can use Wolfram|Alpha as a learning tool for other subjects. I would like to see the interface enhanced so I could enter several math problems at once (for example: Chapter 7, problems 1-19 (odd)) and have the output in a printable / customizable format (ie a script font that looks like my handwriting). Thanks :) That would be really sweet, but that would require going through all the textbooks in all the high schools of the country and it recognizing where you are to base your school district and analyzing the textbook that that district uses. They were amused because it is inefficient: it equates to zero first and then isolates the variable.

(Please keep it that way…) This is mostly curiosity, but why is there now a post about this feature?

It would be amazing to figure out where I made my mistake I’ll pay for the program that shows step by step on a consistent manner. I’d really like to show WA to my students, but the course is for algebra, and it’s not very good if they can only get the answers without the full explanation. i=limits&a=*C.limits-_*Calculator.dflt-&f2=((2^x)+(3^(x+1))) / ((2^(x+2)) - (3^x))&f=Limit.limitfunction_((2^x)+(3^(x+1))) / ((2^(x+2)) - (3^x))&f3=infinity&f=Limit.limit_infinity&a=*FVar Opt.1-_**-.***Limit.limitvariable–.**Limit.direction—.*– I need step by step..

Wolfram Alpha is fantastic and don’t get me wrong Mathematica is also amazing, but I can’t believe this key area for students hasn’t been more developed. :( As far as i’ve seen you can only show steps for functions, etc.

It would be amazing to figure out where I made my mistake I have been using the “show steps” and it was working perfectly until a few days ago.

I too have been trying to take derivatives and the answers are correct, but it will not display the steps (I also have the i Pod app and the same problem is happening there.


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