Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay Conclusion

Israeli Palestinian Conflict Essay Conclusion-44
Hamas was a democratically elected by the Palestinians and as such they are the fighting force for The Israelis and the Palestinians have had conflicts over the control of the Gaza strip since 2005 and they have several wars since then.

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This is because the Hamas have for a long time sought to replace Israel with a Palestinian nation and thus have had wars with Israel for decades.

The one unique feature of the Hamas as a brotherhood group is that it has their own militant the two groups have both refused to negotiate with each other hence a small act of provocation has the ability to escalate into something bigger.

The Arabs on the other hand came up with a pledge to compete the commitment and this was where there was to be a creation of an Arab state on the same land as that of the This led to a conflict which was the then Zionist Jews and Arabs who are the present day Israelis and Palestinians.

With relation to the objective of the essay, it is important the role that other countries are playing in the Israeli Palestinian war so as to determine if it is valid for them to as the strongest and best ally of Israel as well as its political benefactor.

Israel has been in control of the strip since 1967 after the war with Egypt and it has been its owner just as much as who proved to be the most powerful of the Palestinian groups that were in the city.

The Hamas is a part of an international Islamic movement which does not recognize Israel in any way.

This military edge is used in the maintenance of the illegal military occupation of the Israelis. and Israel are partners in their crimes in Gaza as well as Palestine.

From the recent Israeli war in Gaza, most of its victims are civilians who are killed by the weapons from the United States. This is because of the attitude that the United States has over Israel, that if not changed will not help bring peace in Gaza, hence a question of its credibility as a peace making country (Bassiouni).

In general, the western world together with are taking part in the Gaza war where they are providing the Israelis with funds, economic aid, military technology and even actual participation in the killing of civilian Palestinians in Gaza.

It evidently shows the United States and the western and Palestinians should be left to themselves without the help of other countries.


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