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Any problem-solving activity includes problem defining, clarifying its causes, setting priorities, choosing alternatives for a better solution, and directly implementing this solution.

The ability to timely resolve internal and external product and team problems and make responsible decisions is what any junior PM should learn at the start of career.

The CATWOE method provides more comprehensive data on the problem and helps determine the severity of the problem before actively involving other team members in the decision.

This approach will help to get to the roots of a problem quickly.

There is a system approach to problem-solving that includes five steps: The correct definition of the problem is the right step towards it solving.

This is a very important stage, that directly influences how you try to solve it.

If the solution found removes only the symptoms instead of the actual cause, then the problem is likely to happen again.

Once the difficult work to identify the problem and find out its causes is completed, it’s time to show creativity and begin to “fantasize” ideas.

If you decide that the reason is in the low productivity of a specific team member, you will develop various solutions aimed at optimizing his her work.

Once the problem is determined, it is worth digging deeper and figuring out what caused it.


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