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At the same time he carried on an exhaustive study of the Cromwellian period in England, on the continent, and in the United States.

He then began a career as professor of history at various leading educational institutions, including Cornell, Michigan, Dartmouth, Kansas, Yale and Harvard.

English coursework: -The Drum And The cost of The Light Brigade The Drum and the Charge of the Light Brigade were equally written by very distinguished poets.

John Scott who "The Drum" was a Quaker and he had been opposed to all violence. He once made a famous quote which shows how much he hates violence and war, "We never go to War, not because we fear death, but since we are neither wolves, nor tigers, nor dogs, but guys, but Christians.

In the fashion of Gray's Elegy, these record the passing of the seasons rather than an individual and were written in cross-rhymed quatrains.

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Such writing was not to the taste of Dr Johnson who, when Boswell urged that Scott was “a very middle-rate poet, who pleased many readers”, argued that only excellence was admirable.

Scott himself died of a fever caught during a visit to London in 1783.

After his death his Critical essays on several English poets was published in 1785, together with a life of him written by John Hoole.

In 1854 he wrote the poem "The Charge Of The Light Brigade." Both Trainers' use repeat to make vision of what they are describing.

I hate that drum’s discordant sound, Parading round, and round, and round: To thoughtless youth it pleasure yields, And lures from cities and from fields, To sell their liberty for charms Of tawdry lace, and glittering arms; And when Ambition’s voice commands, To march, and fight, and fall, in foreign lands.


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