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At the same time, psychologists have explored other ways to improve brain health—such as physical exercise.As one group of psychologists advises, consumers ought to "keep in mind opportunity costs.The research: Elevate users tested 69% better than nonusers on questions in grammar, writing, listening, and math (devised by an independent research company), the key practical skills designed to be trained by the app.

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Certain real-world tasks do benefit from simple practice – arithmetic (for bill calculation, say) or improving spoken vocabulary.

And some brain-training apps are now incorporating such exercises.

As noted by Jessica Rich, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, "Lumosity preyed on consumers' fears about age-related cognitive decline, suggesting their games could stave off memory loss, dementia and even Alzheimer's disease.

But Lumosity simply did not have the science to back up its ads." "Judicial Notebook" is a project of APA's Div.

The research: The premium-only Advanced Training Program is a memory game called Wizard, created in conjunction with scientists or institutions including Cambridge University, based on research that demonstrated its benefits for visual and episodic learning, and new learning.

The pinch of salt: The original research focused on patients with schizophrenia Price for full access: 1 month for .99, 1 year for .99 Get Peak for i Phone or Android Lumosity has backed away from its claim that playing Lumosity sharpens mental acuity in everyday life, but its team of neuroscientists, psychologists and game developers are still turning out quick, beautifully designed exercises.

In round one, they tap a shape if it is the same as the one previous; by round three, they must tap a shape if it’s the same as the shape three previous.

Some brain-training apps include versions of the dual n-back.

In one exercise, you’re asked to type in the best synonyms, rather than choosing from a list, which can be helpful for those struggling with that word on the tip of the tongue.

Highly practical exercises include sum estimation (handy for those bill calculations), tests of common spelling and grammar errors, and, uniquely, audio passages whose details you’re quizzed on (I have quite abysmal listening skills, it turns out).


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