Methodology Of Dissertation

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She spoke to several of her colleagues on my behalf and they agreed for me to conduct telephone interviews with 4 members of the graduate recruitment team, some of which had been there for an average of 5 – 10 years (reasons expatiated further in this chapter).

Due to the non-intrusive nature of my research, there were no objections or limitations raised by the participants with regards to the questions asked or the purpose of the study.

This study would adopt a case study strategy in answering the research question.

Robson (2002) asserts that the case study strategy would be useful if the aim of the study is to gain a rich understanding of the research perspective and the process being endorsed.

Therefore, the researcher, as a friend of an employee within the organization, was in a favorable position to get access within the organization.

I contacted a friend of mine who currently works within graduate recruitment at Lloyds TSB, and discussed the prospects of my dissertation.

Table 1: Research Strategy Quantitative methods are mainly used in the data collection process of research.

It involves data that is either in the form of, or expressed as numbers (Easterby-Smith et al, 2008).

Therefore the research was such that all respondents answered some questions, while some others were answered by a particular individual because of their knowledge of that process.

Table 2 outlines the respondent details and their interview theme.


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