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Writers are also able to hide exposition within a first-person stream-of-consciousness by turning it into thoughts and musings.The great advantage of the first-person narrator has to be their unreliability.On the other hand, a passive narrator that simply observes is a trap that many writers fall into.

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You can effectively communicate how each moment feels; delivering sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, all through the prism of your narrator. Their fears, their hopes, their love, their despair, all can be delivered to the reader directly and with maximum emotional impact.

Your narrator’s reactions to situations and other characters can be imparted effectively, and all this creates a strong sense of empathy in the reader.

You can also put across the motivations of your main character, which to an outsider may not seem relatable, yet as you are inside their brain the logic behind their actions makes more sense.

By writing in first-person you can deliver the entire story in your narrator’s voice, giving the text a clear identity and submerging the reader further into the world you are creating.

My hand gripped it as if it belonged in my palm; my finger wrapped around the trigger as I aimed.

Typically, first-person falls into two categories: first-person singular, where the story is told from one individual point of view; and first-person plural, where the narration comes from a group.At a deeper level, though, readers like to imagine that the events actually happened, that the characters really exist.That’s why we cry at the sad parts and find our pulses quickening when the novel’s hero is in danger.If it becomes almost a third-person tale then perhaps that would be a better perspective for the story.Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be tempted to skip the theory and move straight to the pros and cons of third person and first person point of view. Without getting to grips with the logic outlined below (and in the article on first person theory), it will be impossible to master point of view in your writing. The novel’s author is the person writing the words and whose name appears on the cover. are also the narrator – or the person telling the story.There is a danger of your narrative becoming self-indulgent in the narrator’s emotions.Constant self-referencing, over-the-top emotional response, can all drown out the story and become too much.Think of a first-person narrative from Judas Iscariot.Jesus Christ would be the protagonist, Satan the antagonist, yet Judas is the lead in his own character arc.When writing a story it is incredibly important to use the most suitable point of view.Some tales live or die on the use of perspective, and choosing the wrong one can be the downfall of a piece.


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