Narrative Essay Techniques

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In nonfiction stories you may choose to use foreshadowing by providing direct or indirect clues of the information that will be covered later in the story.

*For instance, in a personal essay you may start off by stating, "Our mothers are our examples" by doing this you are hinting to the audience that your essay will involve a story about how your mother was an example to you or something related to parenting and role modeling.

Overall, the idea is to provide your audience with slight hints and clues, little by little, without giving them the full story or answer until later on or at the very end of the narrative.

As a writer, this can be achieved using a few different methods.

When reading a story marked with suspense you probably experienced anticipation, guessing, and wondering at the unknown.

All of these factors are part of good suspense building.Sometimes we have so much great information to offer we fall into trouble when trying to logically relay that information to the reader.Too much information will affect the readability of your essay which is crucial to its overall quality and effectiveness.(1) As in the example above, you can give detailed descriptions such as physical features (2) you can also use conversation or dialogue to reveal some things (3) and finally, properly develop your scenes with vivid sensory details as oppose to simply explaining them after they've already occurred.Some writers fall short in enticing the reader due to deficiency in suspense building.This can be a complete 'turn off' to readers when trying to make it through a particular passage.Make use of functional paragraphs and provide your readers with short but intense pieces of dialogue to keep their interest and provide necessary breaks in reading.Great narrative writing takes tons of practice and hard work.In addition to the common mistakes mentioned here several other issues may arise as well.For instance, you may need to provide your reader with a bit of background information on a topic to provide clarity to some issues or maybe a particular objective, concept, or idea needs to be reiterated or further explained.When these situations arise writers may become overzealous and provide too many events or happenings to try to better 'drive' home the point or likewise may give the reader too many facts or details on a subject in an effort to properly explain or 'define' it.


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