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Because the characters in the story are reservation Indians, their passage into adulthood is burdened by the question of what kind of "Indians" they will be and who they will inevitably be.

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Like with Momaday, historic memory as well as tribal and individual memory play prominent roles within the world of the novel and allow the environment to represent those memories.

On the surface, Alexie's novel is a story of twentieth-century American Indian bildungsroman.

They lose faith in their roots and culture leading them to become vulnerable to the dominant American culture.

While Thomas tries to keep the traditions of the Spokane alive, the people ignore him to quell their pain.

One of the most widespread forms of oral tradition is the story.

Storytelling is a skill passed down from one generation to another. Native Americans, who were former allies of the French, were treated by British in a hostile and controlling manner.The novel interconnects past and present so the reader is both places at once via memory, dreams, and reincarnated spirits like the shape-shifting Coyote the characters name their rock band after.Frederic Jameson explains pn page 304 of his book: "History's competing narrative, memory, is often an embedded critical paradigm in ethnic texts (Stein, and Lehu 40 ).As the discussion hereafter reveals, the intersection of conditions such as diabetes, alcoholism, drug dependency and depression demands outreach through both counseling and rehabilitation channels.Before exploring these channels, it is appropriate to acknowledge some of the heightened risk factors facing native populations.Like with Momaday, Alexie uses his perspective to retell his stories and his focus on the events to shape the way the characters behave. In the opening sentence of Reservation Blues, Alexie explains how memory and history will play amidst each other throughout the novel: "In the one hundred and eleven years since the creation of the Spokane Indian Reservation in 1881, not one person, Indian or otherwise, had ever appeared there by accident" (Alexie 3) .In Thomas-Builds-the-Fire's view (protagonist) nothing is by coincidence and keeping to memory the events assist in making sense of the past making it a significant way to heal the tribe's psychic well-being.The only thing that makes sense to them is to find better and faster ways to go about enacting that destruction.#3 While there have been positive initiatives of late regarding Native American rights -- such as the U.Here, Native Americans often live in isolation from broader society and the socioeconomic, educational and professional opportunities present there within.A byproduct of these conditions is the intersection of negative health indicators, negative mental health indicators and high risk susceptibility to drug and alcohol abuse.


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