Nature Of Man Essay

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The anciently reported spells of these places creep on us.

The stems of pines, hemlocks, and oaks, almost gleam like iron on the excited eye.

Thoreau whereas in friendship, studied nature and Emerson believed that each individual had a glow of religious studies, and that people should look for truths Emerson, who believed there was that each person contained a flash of religion and that it should be found through nature or through yourself.

Thoreau, who was also very interested in the individual life style, thought that, one can only be happy if one live as who they truly are.

He further state that people are uncertain by the humankind around them and human must take themselves away from societies flaw and diversion in order to experience the unity with nature for which they are naturally suited".

Nature gives human a lot but human do not give in return and they believed that many people need to be separated from the rest of the world because they can see the real nature of the people and how society is changing.What Emerson makes clear is that though we can see the stars and they are accessible, they are only accessible visibly.Read full article The rounded world is fair to see, Nine times folded in mystery: Though baffled seers cannot impart The secret of its laboring heart, Throb thine with Nature's throbbing breast, And all is clear from east to west.The knapsack of custom falls off his back with the first step he makes into these precincts.Here is sanctity which shames our religions, and reality which discredits our heroes.The day, immeasurably long, sleeps over the broad hills and warm wide fields.To have lived through all its sunny hours, seems longevity enough. At the gates of the forest, the surprised man of the world is forced to leave his city estimates of great and small, wise and foolish.Here we find nature to be the circumstance which dwarfs every other circumstance, and judges like a god all men that come to her.We have crept out of our close and crowded houses into the night and morning, and we see what majestic beauties daily wrap us in their bosom.There are many of different ways that these two authors are similar.Such as how both authors love nature, and their natural surroundings..


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