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When Homer Stokes attempts to stop the Soggy Bottom Boys from performing, he is carried off and booed.

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They call themselves “The Soggy Bottom Boys” and record their first song and get paid.

That night when the cops find their car, Tommy runs off and the boys escape the law to run another day.

Down on their luck, Delmar and Everett go to see a picture show where a chain gang is led in to watch too.

Pete is among the prisoners and he whispers to Everett and Delmar not to go after the treasure.

They boys fall for the women and end up passing out on the river banks. Everett believes he’s dead and Delmar believes he’s been turned into a toad left behind, so they take the toad with them on the next leg of their journey.

At a restaurant, they meet Big Dan Teague, who tells Everett and Delmar that he has an opportunity for them making money selling Bibles. Rather, he's been apprehended by the authorities and is being whipped for information on Everett and Delmar's location.When they arrive there is a lawman there waiting for them with nooses hanging from the tree; he plans to hang the boys.The boys are tied up and told to say their prayers.Delmar and Pete take the opportunity to get baptized themselves.Later on the road, they pick up Tommy Johnson, a black guitar player who’s just sold his soul to the devil in exchange for being able to play his guitar.Tommy is on his way to have a song recorded by a man that pays good money for recordings.The boys decide to go with him to the recording studio.With Tommy now in their group, the Soggy Bottom Boys go back into town and disguise themselves to perform at a campaign dinner for gubernatorial candidate Homer Stokes, who also happens to be the head of the Ku Klux Klan.While they were on the run, the Soggy Bottom Boys' recording that they did in the studio has become massively popular and the attendees at the dinner cheer wildly for the musical act.That night Everett and Delmar break Pete out of jail, but Everett has a confession: there never was any treasure.He only wanted to get free to stop his wife’s wedding.


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