Ontology Research Papers

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It is Ontology-Based Governance of Data-Aware Processesfree download In this paper we show how one can use the technology developed recently for Ontology- Based Data Access (OBDA) to govern data-aware processes through ontologies.

In particular, we consider processes executed over a relational database which issue calls to Three semantics for the core of the distributed ontology languagefree download Abstract.

That s especially true in virtual community for software development, where creating and updating documents is not a high priority activity and architectural knowledge remain The cognitive paradigm ontology: design and applicationfree download ABSTRACT We present the basic structure of the Cognitive Paradigm Ontology (Cog PO) for human behavioral experiments.

While the experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience literature may refer to certain behavioral tasks by name (eg, the Stroop Ontology-based Solution for Data Warehousing in Genetic Neurological Diseasefree download ABSTRACT In the field of genetic disorder of the nervous system, there is a huge amount of information available on the Internet.

Texts written in natural language show a statistical On the feasibility of using OWL 2 DL reasoners for ontology matching problemsfree download Abstract.

Ontology Research Papers

In this paper we discuss the feasibility of using OWL 2 DL reasoners to diagnose the integration of large-scale ontologies via mappings.It is indexed by Neuro Names, an ontology designed to compensate for ambiguities in neuroanatomical nomenclature.The 20-year old ontology continues to evolve toward An ontology and a REST API for sequence based microbial typing datafree download In the Microbial typing field, the need to have a common understanding of the concepts described and the ability to share results within the community is an increasingly important requisite for the continued development of portable and accurate sequence-based typing An evaluation of ontology matching in geo-service applicationsfree download ABSTRACT Matching between concepts describing the meaning of services representing heterogeneous information sources is a key operation in many application domains, including web service coordination, data integration, peer-to-peer information sharing, A formal semantics for weighted ontology mappingsfree download Ontology mappings are often assigned a weight or confidence factor by matchers.Ontology comprehension is a collection of techniques that facilitate the understanding of ontologies.These tools are being applied for further development in various disciplines for Large-scale interactive ontology matching: Algorithms and implementationfree download Abstract.In this paper we present the ontology matching system Log Map 2, a much improved version of its predecessor Log Map.Log Map 2 supports user interaction during the matching process, which is essential for use cases requiring very accurate mappings.Here we discuss Tightly integrated probabilistic description logic programs for representing ontology mappingsfree download Abstract Creating mappings between ontologies is a common way of approaching the semantic heterogeneity problem on the Semantic Web.To fit into the landscape of Semantic Web languages, a suitable, logic-based representation formalism for mappings is needed.To address this problem, standardized languages have been developed by and for the community, such Completeness guarantees for incomplete ontology reasoners: Theory and practicefree download Abstract To achieve scalability of query answering, the developers of Semantic Web applications are often forced to use incomplete OWL 2 reasoners, which fail to derive all answers for at least one query, ontology, and data set.The lack of completeness The language of gene ontology: a Zipf s law analysisfree download Background Most major genome projects and sequence databases provide a GO annotation of their data, either automatically or through human annotators, creating a large corpus of data written in the language of GO.


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