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The other half of the room was almost like a little kitchen.It had a table with chairs around it with a sink and cabinets behind it.SETTING The date of my observation was April 27th, 2010.

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Art Observation One of the finest artwork is the framing at Stapleton Art Gallery, which is trend-setting gallery on the boundary of the capital city of the state of Colorado (Denver).

It exhibits some of the Colorado’s most stunning painting and sculptures.

Source (Spirit of love, power and sound mind, (n.d.) Application of the principles and elements of art unify to produce an incredible piece of art work.

Basing on elements of art, lines are used to produce the outline of a pictorial composition.

She is actually advanced for her age because according to (Berger 8th edition pg.

232 table 8.1) bit says the approximate age is 6 when a child will draw and paint with preferred hand.

Addison used her plastic spoon to carefully add new colors of paint into her box.

She displayed fine motor skills, which involve small body movements (especially those of the hands and fingers) (Berger 8th edition page 234).

As the corpus callosum connects it allows the person to coordinate functions performed mainly by one hemisphere or the other (Berger 8th edition connecting the Brain’s hemispheres, pg. According to the text the corpus collasum grows rapidly during early childhood.

(Addison, at 5, is within in this norm (Berger 8th edition pg. Her fine motor skills were being shown off in many ways throughout my observation.


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