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But that is not an option for those whose families have been hit hard by the economy, including [24 year-old homeless man Duane] Taylor, whose mother is barely scraping by while working in a laundromat.Without a stable home address, they are an elusive group that mostly couch surfs or sleeps hidden away in cars or other private places, hoping to avoid the lasting stigma of public homelessness during what they hope will be a temporary predicament.There was scant attention focused on what experts now call "transitional age youth" — young adults whose needs are distinct.

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Although it is known as a politically conservative state, Utah has adopted an usually radical solution to homelessness: namely, providing free, permanent housing to all those who need it.

The results of this program have been remarkable: the state has seen a 74 percent decrease in chronic homelessness, as well as taxpayer savings of about $5000 per program participant. While the number of people who are homeless throughout the country has declined over the past three years, the problem remains a serious one, particularly for young adults aged 18-24.

While homelessness has declined over the past three years, it's still a serious problem, especially for young adults.

In two readings and discussion, students consider this problem - and one promising approach for remedying it.

Even more unusual, program participants do not have to meet any requirements to be eligible, such as holding a job or passing drug tests.

The only requirement for assistance is that a person be chronically homelessness.The numbers as well as the social benefits have been making sense ever since.Utah saves around 00 on each rough sleeper moved indoors, and eight years on, the rate of state homelessness has dropped by a staggering 78 per cent.Which bastion of leftist menace is responsible for such a radical experiment in welfare expansion? Some advocates for the homeless have wondered whether there's a catch to Utah's program.They suspect that some of the program's supporters were more motivated by financial considerations than by concern for those in need.As reporter Susan Saulny wrote in a December 18, 201, New York Times article: Across the country, tens of thousands of underemployed and jobless young people, many with college credits or work histories, are struggling to house themselves in the wake of the recession, which has left workers between the ages of 18 and 24 with the highest unemployment rate of all adults.Those who can move back home with their parents — the so-called boomerang set — are the lucky ones.Ask students: What factors do you think explain the high number of homeless people in this country? Then share with students that according to a report by the U. Conference of Mayors, the main causes of homelessness include: While the problem of homelessness has been a daunting one, some new solutions may be on the horizon.One of the states that has most effectively combated homelessness in recent years is Utah.The HUD study included a number of troubling findings, including: Young adults aged 18-24 make up a growing segment of the homeless population.Young people have suffered disproportionately from the economic recession that began in 2008 and from our precarious job market.


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