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issue: in academia, I've always seen "advisor" as the preferred spelling (and a number of schools agree with that assessment).However, outside of academic contexts, "adviser" seems to be preferred, both in the UK and the US, as shown here.Conversely, it's not clear how this would "haunt him forever" in academia -- if this is settled quietly, and especially if OP doesn't speak up, no one is likely to know that there was ever an issue.

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Find an advisor with a respectable publication history and a personality that is compatible with yours.

Your advisor’s research background and interests should correspond approximately with yours.

A major part of getting a Ph D is selecting an advisor.

While you might choose your advisor before or after getting admitted to the program, you should always choose carefully.

Visit Stack Exchange I wrote my Ph D thesis a few years back.

After I finished, my supervisor found another researcher and continued research with the apparatus I built, but along a different line of study.He reckoned as the student was a good guy, he may not have known what plagiarism was, and perhaps did it by accident.He did offer to acknowledge or include me in subsequent journal papers.If your adviser told you the student "might not know what plagiarism is" then........ The network with my adviser is more important to my career right now. Conclude by saying that you have discussed this with your common advisor, that you don't yourself plan to take any further action, but want to let your future academic colleague know so that they do not transgress again in their career. At my university (in the UK), plagiarism or breaking any other academic integrity rule is a thing that can get you kicked out. The supervisor is not acting appropriately, considering that your work is something you put effort into for years.No one reaches graduate school and is completely oblivious to what plagiarism is. Even if your relationship with him may suffer, this is not something to just dismiss on the basis that you were his students.The student recently finished their Ph D and I looked at their thesis.The lit review, results, and findings are the student's own work.But, particularly in the middle section (describing the apparatus I built): I informed my former supervisor (with whom I have a good relationship) and he seemed not to want to know.He said that as long as it wasn't the results then it wasn't too important.I would argue that you could end up in trouble of your own for not reporting this after it can be proven that you have knowledge of his plagiarism.If he is discovered to do the same thing later to someone else, or even if someone else reports what he did with your work instead of you reporting it, it's possible that your integrity might be called into question. Unless you quote and reference block of text, you stole and claimed that you've wrote it. You can talk to the University ethics/research integrity committee or department to make sure you understand their stance correctly. First, note that this plagiarism makes no damage to you. There would be no question about who was the plagiarizer. He was probably too busy (or lazy) to read the theses.


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