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We explore practical applications (such as machine translation and automatic speech recognition) of recent developments in linguistics and computational linguistics along with topics including preservation and revitalization of North American Indigenous languages.As such the program committee consists of theoretical linguists, computational linguists, anthropological linguists and experts in language revitalization. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded .

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Review of: [Preferred Argument Structure: Grammar as architecture for function.

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We welcome research papers and practicum case studies.

This work is comprised of a set of papers focussing on the extreme polysynthetic nature of the Eskaleut languages which are spoken over the vast area stretching from Far Eastern Siberia, on through the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, and Canada, as far as Greenland.

The aim of the book is to situate the Eskaleut languages typologically in general linguistic terms, particularly with regard to polysynthesis.

The degree of variation from more to less polysynthesis is evaluated within Eskaleut (Inuit-Yupik vs.

So I kept wondering whether one can find a rigorous definition that corresponds to at least 80% of their usage.

This matters, because many general claims depend on the notion of affix, and we want to be able to test such claims and develop them further.

A year ago, I started working on a review of the “Oxford Handbook of Polysynthesis” (published as Haspelmath 2018a), and while the concept of “poly-synthesis” was poorly defined in the volume, I wondered again whether at least the simpler concept of “synthesis” could be given a clear definition.

The latter seems even more important, also because there are many claims about regaular developments from synthetic to analytic and back again (dubbed the “anasynthetic cycle” in my 2018b paper).


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