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In his Republic one of the first guidelines Plato designates is that " The first thing will be to establish a censorship of the writers of fiction, and let the censors receive any tale of fiction which is good, and reject the bad; and we will desire mothers and nurses to tell their children the authorized ones only....

[tags: Censorship] - Physical assault and aggression is the second leading cause of death among 14 to 17 year olds, next to vehicular accidents (Loeber).

Time magazine has described me as “being the most adored public servant in the Arab world.” A U. war against Iraq would “open the gates of hell in the Middle East.” (On-line Pravda, 2002; 1) I have declared that the Arab League is in favor of the “total implementations” of the UN Security Council resolutions. Coined by the infamous Hammurabi’s Code around 1700 BC, this ancient expression has become the basis of a great political debate over the past several decades – the death penalty.

While the conflict can be whittled down to a matter of morals, a more pragmatic approach shows defendable points that are far more evidence backed.

[tags: Argumentative Persuasive Hero] - Every structured society has suffered from some form of censorship of literature, art, or entertainment.

Plato, the famous the famous Greek philosopher, was the first to record a method of censorship in a democratic society.

The fairly recent advancement in genetics called gene therapy is no exception to the baggage of polarizing views that come with new technology.

Gene therapy is an extremely hot topic in both the science world and everyday life.

Without documentation of these events, there is no way of knowing exactly what caused these strange shifts in weather or to what extent.

So many people see the ice caps melting and automatically blame pollution and the negligence of people.


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