Pro Stem Cell Research Thesis

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Pakistan is also making efforts in establishing this field to get desired benefits but unfortunately the progress is at very low pace.

If Government plays an active role along with private sector, stem cell research in Pakistan can be boosted up.

The total number of publications from Pakistan were even much less than Turkey and Iran (In comparison to Pakistan, neighboring countries like Iran and India are very advanced or much ahead in area of stem cells research and transplantation.

According to Pub Med database, Iran has produced 528 and India 1,091 publications on stem cells from 1999 to February 2013 and form the same time period, publications produced by Pakistan are only 11% of Iran and 6% of India.

On the basis of potency or differential potential, stem cells can be categorized as toti-potent, pluripotent and multipotent ().

Cells having wider differentiation potential are pluripotent stem cells which are derived from human embryonic stem cells (ESCs).

The research in area of cell biology started in Pakistan on return of some cell biologists to country (late 80’s and early 90s).

They tried to establish research laboratories to start this marvelous work in Pakistan.

These cells are critically regulated by many transcription factors (TF) such as Oct3/4, Nanog, Sox2, Klf4 and others.

Stem cells have the potential to treat many diseases and their treatment potential is increasing with new research methodologies and approaches. (1998) developed the first ESCs line back in 1998 and since then there is boom in this area of research as it has enormous potential to be used in area of therapeutics and regenerative medicines ().


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